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The hexxagon game will load in a new window, and then:

- Choose if you want to play against the computer ( HUMAN versus. COMPUTER ), or against another person ( HUMAN versus HUMAN ), which would be more amusing.

- Click on START GAME and begin to play;

- Click on the piece that you want to move; the game will show the possibilities by delineating the adjacent free hexagons. It is time to think a strategy to conquer space.

- Click on the empty hexagon where you want to move the piece; the piece will move.

- When the piece is moved to an adjacent hexagon, it will be duplicated.
- When it jumps to a secondary hexagon, a single piece is preserved.
- When the piece is moved next to an enemy piece (s), the enemy piece (s) are turned to allied pieces of the same color then yours; a similar concept to the game Othello or Reversi .
- Playing the game is the best way to analize the options and develop a winning strategy.

At the botton right the pieces of each player are counted.

Author: Paul Neave


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