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This checkers java applet do not show "men" or pieces to move, it allows you to play the game by changing the colors of the checkered board; it simulates a conquered territory by switching to red your conquered squares. It starts in a situation where red, the user is the first player, and green, the computer, moves second. You can change this by pressing new game: A window pops up where you can choose between several altenatives:
  • Human versus computer: You play against the computer, and you move first.
  • Human versus human: You can play the game against a friend (on the same computer. There is no network option).
  • Computer versus human: You play against the computer, and the computer moves first. Note that you will have to click anywhere on the board before the computer does a move.
  • Computer versus computer: This will let the computer play against itself. You will have to click in the board somewhere before each move: The players will wait to do something until you indicate you are ready for the next move. So if you do not mouseclick in the board, nothing happens.
There is another button undo move in the applet. You can press this button to undo the last move. Note that you typically must press this button twice, because to change your move you must undo the computers move first, and then your move.

There are two status lines. One indicates whose turn it is, and how many counters each player has. The other one tells you if the computer is thinking.

  • This applet tells much about creating a board game in java. This applet uses the minimax principle that is very important in chess programs and many other games. It combines this principle with the alpha-beta search strategy that accelerates search. If you understand this program, it will be a lot easier for you to create other games.
  • This applet has been trained with a genetic algorithm. The genetic algorithm is included in this sourcecode, so if you download it you can train it yourself. There is much experimentation to do here! If you want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence in board games, this is your chance.
Author: blueRing Software

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